Properties report up to a 95% reduction in pet waste

PooPrints is an effective waste management program, matching un-scooped waste to the canine offender through DNA.

Attract and retain residents

• Improve your bottom line with decreased damage to common areas
• Increased resident satisfaction from both dog and non-dog owners
• Help the environment by preventing water contamination

Each resident dog is registered in BioPet Laboratories’ patented DNA World Pet Registry by a simple cheek swab.

When un-scooped waste is found, a small sample is collected and submitted to our lab for analysis and comparison to the dogs in the database. Results are emailed to property management in two weeks

A match is only reported when the canine and waste samples match on every available point with no discrepancies.

BioPet Laboratories conforms to all international standards under the ISO 17025:2005 for testing laboratories.

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  • PooPrints, established in 2008, is the first company to offer this service to commercial properties on a widespread basis at affordable rates.

  • All samples are processed in-house in our state of the art laboratory, allowing the quickest turnaround time.

  • With over 2,000 communities representing hundreds of thousands of units, we have the experience and team to provide scientific  results quickly and at affordable rates.