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November 2014

New ancient DNA studies are refining researchers' views of canine history -- from dog domestication to migration history in specific parts of the world. Thanks genomeweb.com for the interesting article!

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November 2014

Stone Creek at Druid Hills in Atlanta, GA has had problems with residents not picking up after their pets, so they implemented PooPrints! Thanks Fox 5 for the story!

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October 2014

Check out this awesome anti-poop campaign held in New York City this past weekend! Thanks myfoxny.com for the article!

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November 2014

Here is a really neat article written by Judith Lewis Mernit about the effects that our dogs can have on the environment, but also gives ways in which we can change that.


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October 2014

Two men allegedly pulled a gun on their neighbor over a dog poop dispute. Don't let this happen in your community! Contact us for more information!

Armed neighbor argument

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