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August 2014

Here in Knoxville we are looking forward to Boomsday and the first home football game of the season! GO BIG ORANGE!

August 2014

The Upper West Side has been covered with angry fliers about owners who fail to clena up after their pets. But one New Yorker got extra fancy with descriptive wordplay. Thanks nymag.com for the article!

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August 2014

Rendering is the most environmentally sustainable choice and also the most economical, costing $5 for a licensed dog. In rendering, pet bodies are heat sterilized and then converted into grease and proteins, which are used in products ranging from fertilizers to cosmetics. Thanks toacorn.com for the article!

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August 2014

Sunday's Pet-A-Palooza in Vancouver was a hit. The bulldogs, whose races were billed as the Running of the Bulls, was among the features that drew 7,000 to 8,000 people. Thanks theprovince.com for the article!

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August 2014

While many of the city's dog owners clean up after their pooches, residents of some neighborhoods are still barking for being forced to navigate through streets rampant with poop. Thanks dnainfo.com for the article!

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