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May 2015

"Studies have found traces of poop in offices, kitchens, hotel rooms, cell phones, shopping carts, climbing walls, and pretty much everywhere else. Since locking ourselves in our closets and refusing to come out ever again is not a practical solution to this state of affairs, we might as well resign ourselves to living in a (literally) crappy world."


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May 22

“Many dog owners already clean up after their pets but not all do and we need to get the message out there that everyone needs to have respect for their neighbourhood.  If you own a dog, you need to care for them but you also need to do that extra bit and pick up after them if they foul.  Dog waste sticks to shoes, buggies and bicycles and is very difficult to clean”

dog poop s3

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May 2015

"Starting next year, the east London borough of Barking and Dagenham will require owners to submit feces samples for their pets. If council enforcers find poop, they'll run it through a poop database. Owners can be fined about $125, both for the pooping incident and for not registering samples in the first place."
3046166 slide s 1 dna testing dog poop to track down irresponsible owners

May 2015

"Coming in contact with dog poop can be, shockingly, pretty bad for you. Canine fecal matter—that's what it's called in polite company—can carry a variety of nasties that can make humans (and particularly children) very sick. On a more visceral level, is there anything worse about city living than stepping in a soft bed of fresh dog crap?"

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May 2015

"In order to alleviate the problem, Retreat at Cross Mountain recently started relying on the services of detectives, pet poo detectives. 'We use doggies DNA through PooPrints. What happens is when someone moves in we get a little Q-tip, swab the dogs inside of their mouth and send it to a lab,' says Paul McClain, assistant manager at Retreat at Cross Mountain.

DNA Rubber Chewable Dog Toy

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