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August 2014

While many of the city's dog owners clean up after their pooches, residents of some neighborhoods are still barking for being forced to navigate through streets rampant with poop. Thanks dnainfo.com for the article!

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August 2014

Saturday, local dog owners got the opportunity to get photos taken with their furry companions as the city of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks Department answered questions about its new pilot dog waste composting program. Thanks dailycamera.com for the article!

Boulder is hosting a costumed dog photo shoot Saturday to promote its new dog waste composting program at three area trailheads.Read More


July 2014

Stormwater, also known as hydrofilth, is just about anything left on the land that can be swept by rain into our streams and ponds. Pet waste, cigarette butts, fertilizers, pesticides, plastic water bottles, automobile oil and gas - all can end up where we can swim, drink or go fishing. 

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August 2014

Happy Friday!! Enjoy the weekend!

July 2014

A new map called "The Patina of Feces" shows that the outer door frames of American homes wear a thin veneer of microbes that are normally found in animals' guts. Given that the microbes had to leave those guts to travel door to door, they probably came from someone's, or something's, poop. Thanks sciencenews.org for the article!

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