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March 2015

Molly and Leo, both 10, are pretty attentive listeners -- but they'll also lick your hand mid-sentence and lose all focus if you mention treats. These two dogs are volunteers in a literacy program for shy elementary school students who need a non-judgmental audience as they practice reading aloud. Thank you DNAinfo.com for the article! 

 Students at P.S. 163 are part of a program where they read aloud to dogs to improve their reading skills. 

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February 2015

AMLI management is starting PooPrints at AMLI 5350 in Austin, Texas because they said residents have been complaining about all the pet waste on the property. Thanks kxan.com for the article! 

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February 2015

"New York just endured a substantial batch of snow--if not exactly the blizzard that was advertised. That set it up for the unfortunate defrost, leaving the city's sidewalks covered in piles of dog crap people didn't pick up." Thanks fivethirtyeight.com for the article!

Kyona, a rescue dog from Japan, contemplates the snow in Carl Shurz Park on Jan. 4, 2014, after a storm dropped up to 7 inches of snow in New York City.

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February 2015

South Loop, Chicago - "A minivan that was packed with dogs from a doggie day care when it was carjacked by armed men has been found in the South Loop - and the dogs appear to be safe," police said. Thanks dnainfo.com for the article! Glad those puppies are safe and warm!

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February 2015

Meet Hulk, possibly the world's largest pit bull weighing in at 173 pounds! "Pit bull owners understandably rail against the negative stereotypes, and the ASPCA urges people to remember that, like humans, dogs have different personalities." Thanks aol.com for the article! 

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