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JUNE 2015

"Sheffield Council received 1,407 complaints about the issue last year but has said it did not have the resources to patrol parks around the clock. A spokesman said: “We do appreciate that dog mess is an issue in Sheffield, as it is in every city. However, we need evidence if we are going to issue fines. In these times of austerity we simply do not have staff available to patrol Sheffield’s parks around the clock, waiting for an offence to be committed.”

Dog Poop

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JUNE 2015

"...The landlord could then determine the owner of the offending canine so that they could dispense the appropriate punishment. Needless to say, the landlord’s actions caused some controversy. As humorous as this situation seems, it highlights a problem that also exists in many strata complexes. Strata councils are often faced with complaints about lazy, irresponsible pet owners who believe that they need not follow bylaws or extend common courtesy to neighbours."

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 June 2, 2015

"In the village of Brunete, a small municipality outside Madrid, dog owners may have been surprised to receive a foul smelling package in the mail. However, these putrid presents were no prank. In order to combat its considerable dog feces problem, the town sends dog poop back by mail to the pet owners that left it behind, according to Europa Press. The town council of Brunete had asked a top advertising agency to stage a public demonstration and circulate a video to encourage dog owners to be mindful of dog droppings, according to Spain’s The Local."


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JUNE 2015

There are more than 30,000 dogs in Dublin and, each week, they make an estimated 10,200 kilograms of poo. For comparison, that’s weightier than the largest recorded killer whale. In 2013, a poll by market researchers Millward Brown found that 65 percent of respondents felt dog litter was a problem. Most people thought it was more of an issue than cigarettes, gum or graffiti...Now, Costello has come up with a three-pronged plan to deal with the poo: bins, fines and – tentatively – doggy DNA.

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May 2015

"Studies have found traces of poop in offices, kitchens, hotel rooms, cell phones, shopping carts, climbing walls, and pretty much everywhere else. Since locking ourselves in our closets and refusing to come out ever again is not a practical solution to this state of affairs, we might as well resign ourselves to living in a (literally) crappy world."


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