• How much does it cost?

DNA has become extremely affordable in recent years due to advances in sequencing technology.  The cost can be as low as $34.95-$59.95 per dog depending on the size and location of the community, and whether or not your community selects Self Service or Full Service registration.  That's all it takes to get started registering pets!  Dog registration is a one-time event and there are no hidden fees or monthly fees for Self Service communities.  After registering all community dogs, only pay for waste matching as it occurs - if it occurs!  We will analyze a small sample and make the match.  

Distributors around the country offer FULL SERVICE packages to save you time and effort.  Find a location near you, and contact your local distributor for available services and special rates in your area.  International prices may vary, so community managers outside the US should contact their local Distributor for more information. 

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  • Must I sign a long term contract?

No.  There is no long term commitment period because we are confident you will love the program and the resulting clean & green property!

  • How do I build my database of community dogs?

We provide you with all you need to update your pet policy and notify your residents.  Residents can make appointments to swab their own pet at your leasing office, or contact your local distributor for FULL SERVICE availability in your area.  

Residents will swab their own pet's cheek in the presence of community management or a certified, trained PooPrints Distributor with our simple cheek swab collection kit.  Log-in to your community's DNA World Pet Registry account and enter the pet & resident's information, and mail the dried swab back to the lab in its self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.  We will take care of the rest! 


  • I manage hundreds of units. How can I implement PooPrints in a community of this size?

PooPrints works best when all community dogs are registered into the database. Full Service distributors can host a weekend “Pet Day” at the community - a fun way to bring all pet owners together and take care of their registration all at one time!

For much larger communities, PooPrints can be implemented in stages, giving you many options with which to make the best fit to your property needs.


  • How long have you been in business, and are you insured?

PooPrints was invented at BioPet Vet Lab to help keep managed communities clean and green.  BioPet has been a full service canine genetic research laboratory since 2008, dedicated to animal health, customer service and quick turn-around.

PooPrints is fully insured, we are memebers of Community Association Institute, National Apartment Association, and Associa Advantage Trade Partnership.  We are registered with Complaince Depot.  Our distributors are memebers of the local CAI and Apartment Association chapter in each of their cities.

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  • How will the DNA swabs be used?  Is Resident information secure and private?

The PooPrints program, a service by BioPet Vet Lab,  is designed to match a specific sample of unscooped waste to an individual in a specific database of canine genetic profiles.  BioPet Vet Lab  neither uses nor allows the distribution of genetic property to other sources unless directly requested by the canine owner.  PooPrints' genetic profiles are exclusively used by PooPrints and are not available for any other test performed by BioPet Vet Lab or any other testing facility unless the canine owner has directly requested additional services.

All resident information is securely and privately stored in accordance to the DNA World Pet Registry privacy policy.

  • Why should I choose PooPrints over other new competitors?

Over the last year or two we have seen a couple of new dog waste DNA companies pop up around the country. At PooPrints, we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so we understand why others would try to replicate the high level of service and value that PooPrints provides to communities nationwide. So, click here to find out why you should choose PooPrints over the newcomers: PooPrints Advantages 

Come See PooPrints in Action!

  • PTAA Trade Show - Oct. 27th

    Check out the "Back to the 80s" themed PTAA Trade Show and see our Rep. Brock Kehoe from Carolina PooPrints! Event held in the Greensboro Coliseum, Special Events Center, Hall B from 5:30-8:30 p.m. on October 27th. 




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