Reduce pet waste by 95% with PooPrints!

Increase resident satisfaction and improve your bottom line with PooPrints! PooPrints is the original commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service.

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How PooPrints Works

PooPrints is a proven dog poop management service that drastically reduces pet waste and helps you maintain a healthy and attractive community. Getting started with PooPrints is easy!

Just collect a gentle cheek swab from each dog in your community and send it to our laboratory. We securely upload every dog’s genetic profile to the DNA World Pet Registry database.

When you find un-scooped dog poop, use the PooPrints Waste Sample Collection kit to collect a nickel-sized sample. Then, return the sample to us for PooPrints processing. We’ll compare the waste sample to the dogs in your data base and report results back to you.

The PooPrints Difference

PooPrints is the trusted DNA Pet Waste Management service for more than 2,500 properties nationwide. We ensure that all resident information is secure and private under ISO17025:2005 standards, providing a strict quality management system for testing labs.

No Hidden Fees

With PooPrints, pricing is simple and straight forward, with no hidden fees. No monthly subscription charge or long-term commitments to navigate. After registration, you only pay for testing un-scooped waste.

Response Time

All samples are processed within 7-10 business days after receipt in the lab. Waste matching results will be posted in the DNA World Pet Registry.

Quality Assurance

At PooPrints, powered by BioPet Laboratories, we have our own in-house laboratory, designed after FBI protocols and staffed by qualified geneticists, biologists and chemists. Our scientists use blinded DNA samples to prevent bias and safeguard the privacy of your residents.


As the first commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service, PooPrints’ patented DNA World Pet Registry and DNA laboratory processes have helped property managers keep their communities clean for almost a decade.

PooPrints vs "the Others"

PooPrints is the original DNA Pet Waste Management service, and is fully owned and operated by our parent company, BioPet Laboratories. Certified scientists conduct our DNA testing in our in-house lab, so we can securely protect and manage your samples. Your data is stored in our patented DNA World Pet Registry, and we have the only patent pending DNA laboratory processes in the industry. Because we own the patents, emerging competitors can’t replicate our process.

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How Much Does It Cost?

With PooPrints, there’s no monthly subscription fee or long-term commitment. Pay a one-time fee for registering a dog with an unalterable DNA profile, and afterwards, only pay for the pet waste you send in for testing.

Price will vary based on your location and the size of your community. Contact us for pricing in your area.

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Both nationally and internationally, PooPrints is one of the most trusted names in pet waste removal. Read success stories from satisfied property managers. Nationwide, PooPrints is helping management keep their communities clean and increase resident retention rates.

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