Frequently Asked Questions

What should you consider before choosing a vendor other than PooPrints?

  • Don’t be lured in by false promises of initial low prices only to have hidden fees later!
  • Does the vendor have their own physical laboratory and secure facility to perform accurate DNA tests?
  • Is the vendor a functioning corporation with years of experience and the ability to ensure that they will be in business tomorrow?
  • Does the vendor have a computer database designed to track, match, and catalog the dog DNA worldwide?
  • Does the vendor have references from their customers that can be verified?
  • A vendor is only as good as its ability to be in business for years to come. Be sure to ask for corporate structure and future management plans.
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Why should I choose PooPrints over other new competitors?

Over the last year or two we have seen a couple of new dog waste DNA companies pop up around the country. At PooPrints, we believe imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We understand why others would try to replicate the high level of service and value that PooPrints provides to communities nationwide.

How much does it cost?

DNA has become extremely affordable in recent years due to advances in sequencing technology.  The cost is surprisingly affordable, only varying slightly depending on the size and location of the community and additional services.  After registering all community dogs, only pay for waste processing as it occurs. Contact us for specific prices in your area.

Must I sign a long term contract?

No.  There is no long-term commitment. Dog registration is a one-time event and there are no hidden fees or monthly fees for self-service communities.

How do I build my dog database?

We provide you with all you need to update your pet policy and notify your residents.  Residents can make appointments to swab their own pet at your leasing office.  Log-in to your community’s DNA World Pet Registry account and enter the pet and resident’s information and mail the dried swab back to the lab in its self-addressed, postage-paid envelope.

How long have you been in business?

PooPrints was invented at BioPet Laboratories to help keep managed communities clean and green.  BioPet has been a full-service canine genetic research laboratory since 2008, dedicated to animal health, customer service and quick turn-around.

Are you insured?

PooPrints is fully insured, we are members of Community Association Institute, National Apartment Association, and Association Advantage Trade Partnership.  Our representatives are members of the local CAI and Apartment Association chapter in each of their cities. We are registered with Compliance Depot.  CD Vendor ID: 607340

How will the DNA swabs be used?

The PooPrints program, a service by BioPet Laboratories,  is designed to match a sample of un-scooped waste to an individual in a database of canine genetic profiles. PooPrints neither uses nor allows the distribution of genetic property to other sources unless directly requested by the canine owner.

Is Resident information secure and private?

All resident information is securely and privately stored in accordance to our patented DNA World Pet Registry privacy policy.