“I happened upon the PooPrints Program out of frustration that I could not catch my residents in the act of not picking up after their pets. We began to have a real issue with pet poop on the grounds and my responsible pet owners and non-pet-owner’s alike were getting very upset and fed up. However, I was leery that the PooPrints Program would be very difficult to implement and that it would not be received well. I couldn’t have been more wrong.


We had 71 dogs in our community that we had to collect DNA samples from. PooPrints provided all the letters to send out; I just had to put in my community name! All the residents but three made their appointments and came in before the deadline. I sent the warning letter to the three apartments that we had not heard from and they responded promptly. We have had zero objections to this program thus far and countless compliments on how well it has worked. Our grounds are finally poop free and I haven’t even had to fine anyone yet for not picking up after their dog’s waste! This program was an answered prayer.”

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