Doggie DNA test to find bad owners

KARE 11 Staff, KARE

GOLDEN VALLEY, Minn. – There’s been a stinky mystery around Valley View Apartments for a long time. But it’s about to get solved.

Some dog owners have not been cleaning up after their pets. Sharon Lund lives here with her dog, she’s also the property manager, and knows all about the problem.

“I looked at my foot and I had dog poo on my foot sitting at a monthly meeting. Embarrassing,” Lund said about her last doggie dropping encounter.

To find the culprits managers brought in PooPrints two months ago. Under the program each dog that lives at the complex must have their DNA registered. When droppings are found around the apartment it’s sent to a lab to be tested and the matching dog’s owner gets notified. Citations are up to individual property managers. Lund said at Valley View it’s a pretty hefty fine.

It will cost $100 for the first offense and another $100 for the second offense and the dog will no longer be allowed to live in the apartment.

Lund said the program seems to be working.

“We found one that’s about it,” she said.

Nick Boosalis, CEO of 411 rent which manages PooPrints, said 15 properties in St Cloud and the Twin Cities have already signed up for it. He said we can expect more apartment and condo complexes to jump on board.

“With all the foreclosures that have happened over the years you have more homeowners becoming renters and they have animals, dogs in particular, that they want to bring with them,” Boosalis said.

As more people move in with pets Lund said the problem could get bigger. She hopes PooPrints helps them stay ahead of the pack.