How Apartment Communities are Merging Technology and Pets

The rapid acceleration of technology within multifamily is most evident with the implementation of PropTech and smart home, but operators are starting to integrate other technologies that cater to residents and their pets. As more communities become pet-friendly, operators have started tapping tech solutions to address some of the pain points that accompany being pet-friendly and enhance the experience for pet owners, non-pet owners and onsite teams alike. 

Certain pet-related challenges, like unscooped pet waste, impact all residents and onsite teams. Other potential disquiets, like a runaway pet, are generally that of pet owners alone. No matter who the interested party is, addressing pet-related concerns proactively to create better living experiences  is a top priority for operators.

While there are other concerns associated with pets living in apartment communities, some of the top pet-related challenges can be remedied with the right technology that alleviates such worries. In addition to the traditional tactics used to reduce pet related concerns in a community, modern operators are looking to technologies that tackle multiple issues at once. Pet DNA registration services identify specific pets for a particular reason, whether it’s identifying a pet owner who left unscooped pet waste in a community or one that lost a dog. 

With June being National Microchipping Month, it’s the perfect time to discuss tracking our beloved pets. Microchipping certainly adds a great layer of protection to minimize the number of missing animals, but that can only work as long as the microchip isn’t removed. DNA testing provides an additional layer of protection should a pet become lost or stolen. If a registered pet is lost and found, a small DNA sample is all it takes to get them back home to their owner. Unlike a microchip, DNA cannot be tampered with or altered, essentially making it a foolproof method. 

No two properties are exactly alike and each one has its own unique challenges to overcome. However, when it comes to pet related concerns, multifamily communities share similar growing pains and the solution to addressing those obstacles can be found in tech-focused services like biotechnology companies that provide DNA testing on pets. They help reduce the onsite team’s workload by assuming the difficult task of identifying irresponsible pet owners and tracking pets in communities, giving associates more time back to tend to resident needs. 

Pet-friendly communities undeniably attract a larger pool of potential residents. And by employing the technology that optimizes the pet experience, operators ease day-to-day operations and enhance satisfaction for every resident and onsite associate, leading to the robust occupancy and renewal rates that reap a greater NOI.