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Doggie DNA helps identify waste not picked up by pet owners
by:Marshanna Hester

Four-legged friends like Blue are welcome at the Springs at Kenosha.
Garay has managed pet-friendly properties for years and said it’s hard to enforce dog waste pick-up.
“I had no way to prove it,” she said. “I had no way to specifically say it was this specific dog.”
That’s where Poo Prints comes in. It takes the guessing game out of who’s responsible for not cleaning up after their pet.

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Carmel turns to DNA testing for dog park waste

by: Jason Fechner

CARMEL, Ind. — DNA testing is underway in Carmel – to determine who hasn’t been picking up after their dogs.At Carmel’s Bark Park, they take cleanliness seriously. So seriously, in fact, they’ve hired PooPrints for a forensic investigation into who’s been disobeying park rules.

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Company aims to get the scoop on discarded dog poop


With no witnesses and few leads, the hapless detective is left shaking his head and covering his nose at the scene of this common crime: dog poop left on the street.

Fortunately, Poo Prints Canada has just launched in the city, offering its doggie DNA registry and poop-testing service.

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Des-Moines-Register-logoTownhomes turn to science with poop problem

by: Kim Norvell

Residents of an upscale West Des Moines townhouse complex who fail to pick up after their pups could face fines or even lose their pet privileges.

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es-pooprints-uk-newsDNA tests on dog poo to trace owners who don’t pick it up

Irresponsible pet owners in east London are to be caught by DNA testing if they fail to clean up their dog mess.

Barking & Dagenham will become the first council in the country to use the forensic technique to identify owners by testing their pet’s poo.

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Carmel turns to DNA testing for dog park waste

Concord resident advocating for PooPrints because responsible dog owners will no longer be falsely accused or tarred with the same brush as the scofflaws.

Dog owners will be less likely to have their own animals stick their noses in another dog’s business and bring home diseases.

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WBIR PooPrints Video Poo Prints: A way to end dog waste nuisance

That miserable moment when you realize you’ve stepped in it: Dog poop.

It can ruin you day, but pooch pollution is an even more serious, growing problem across the globe.The Environmental Protection Agency designates dog waste in the same category as toxic oils and chemicals.

But, one local company believes they’ve found a way to curb the problem through science, and doggie DNA….

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Source: nytimes.com

Using DNA to fight dog owners’ discourtesy in Brooklyn

BROOKLYN (NY TIMES) – Dispersed among the 440 or so apartments are about 175 dogs of varying sizes, breeds and dispositions. As it happened, some of their owners had been behaving badly.

Something had to be done, but what precisely? For some time, dog waste had been a persistent problem, especially during inhospitable weather, when people were allowing their pets to relieve themselves in stairwells and corridors.

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DNA tests at apartments result in poop fines

PROVIDENCE, RI (ABC6) – At the 903 apartment complex in Providence, you won’t find any unscooped dog waste thanks to a program called PooPrints. It was developed to track down lazy dog owners.

Due to their success, their sister property in North Providence, the Residences at Brentwood, have recently announced that they are joining the program as well.

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The Scoop On How Pet DNA Testing Fixes Your Apartment Poop Problem

by: John Triplett

Pets are a way of life in rental housing and if you want your rentals fully leased, pet owners are a key tenant demographic you want to keep.

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western-teleg-pooprintsDog mess problem “out of control”

SLADE Park residents are up in arms over an “out of control” dog mess problem at their local sports field.

Ex-Haverfordwest Town Councillor Steve Evans and his neighbours say owners use the field to exercise their pets but don’t clear up after them.

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Getting the scoop: New technology for FL apartment

Dog owners are passionate about their pets, but no one likes stepping in what our furry friends leave behind. Now one South Florida condo is taking action against owners who don’t clean up after their dogs. 7’s Belkys Nerey shows us how they are getting the scoop on careless owners.

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Source: bbc.co.uk

PooPrints kicks-off in Barking and Dagenham

BBC One’s Dominic Littlewood tracks down the pooch responsible for leaving their mess behind in Mayesbrook Park, Barking using PooPrints DNA technology.

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Pooprints InterviewCity uses DNA to track dog owners who don’t pick up

SAN DIEGO — Dogged by complaints of irresponsible pet owners, more apartment and condo managers, including here in San Diego, are turning to science to solve a problem encountered by all.

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Micaha Hanson, DNA analysis with BioPet Laboratories, processes samples of dog poop sent to their lab in west Knoxville Wednesday, Feb. 24, 2016. BioPet is part of a trend in companies that use DNA sampling to test dog poop at residential complexes and public and private parks so the offending dog and owner can be identified. (MICHAEL PATRICK/NEWS SENTINEL)

Source: MICHAEL PATRICK / newsentinel.com

Did you step in doggie doo?

“We were getting calls left and right from people stepping in dog piles, and a couple of dogs got sick from eating it,” he said. “Our maintenance team couldn’t keep up with work orders and keep the grounds cleaned up at the same time. It was insane.”

The complex decided to try BioPet’s services, and after a few tenants were hit with fines, the number of dog doo offenses dropped dramatically, Chavira said.

Horry County SC PooprintsMore apartments use DNA testing to end pup poop problems

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Rental communities along the Grand Strand are taking extensive steps to encourage dog owners to reach for plastic bags when taking their pet out.

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Michigan apartment uses DNA to catch violators:

You’ve probably never heard of dog DNA tests as a way to sniff out owners who neglect to clean up after their pets — we hadn’t.

Strange as it may sound, one of the companies that does it says it’s a proven method of cutting down on unclaimed dog droppings.

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Doggie Doo DNA Can Lead to Identifying Those Who Don’t Pick Up After Their Pet

If you think DNA sequence analysis is merely for solving homicides, pathogen evolution or archaeological mysteries, then perhaps you don’t know dog doo.
It’s true. DNA analysis of dog waste is a growing industry, being marketed to multi-unit property managers and homeowners associations which have struggled to get all their residents with dogs to pick up after them.

BBC InterviewRuff justice for dog owners

Barking and Dagenham Council are going to start DNA testing dog poo to identify dogs, and therefore their owners, responsible. If caught they will be fined up to £150.
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source: Peoplepets.com Getty Image

‘PooPrints’ DNA Test Traces Illicit Dog Droppings Back to Owner

Whether you despise the lazy pet owners who shamelessly leave their dogs’ droppings on the street – or whether you’re one of them – be warned: There’s about to be a major crackdown.

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nprNPR talks Poo:

The pooch did it, but now a Chicago apartment building will use sophisticated biotechnology to figure out which one. Management of the Luxe apartment buildings says too many residents neglect to pick up after their dogs when they walk them. And I don’t mean the dog hair.

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Kimball Junction offers off-leash hiking trail for dogs

By: Alicia Baker

PARK CITY — Spring hiking is at its peak and if you want a new trail to hike with your dog, check out this off-leash trail in Kimball Junction.

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