We're the leading program.

We're experienced.

We’ve seen it all. We have nearly a decade of experience working directly with Property Management. You’ve seen us at your local events. You’ve seen us at national expos. 

We're original.

We’ve got the science down pat. We were the first commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service. We are here to stay, and to serve you. We have the experience and longevity that newcomers can’t claim.

We're everywhere.

We work with over 2,600 communities and 250,000 dogs in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom. We have representatives in 30 metro markets to better serve you in your area.

We’ve seen a few new dog waste DNA companies pop up around the country in the past few years.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. We understand why others try to replicate our high level of service.

Why should you choose PooPrints over one of the newcomers?

The PooPrints laboratory is fully owned and operated by our parent company BioPet Laboratories. We are directly involved with and dedicated to quality assurance, quality control, and fast turn-around times for our communities. We don’t outsource to other labs, we protect and manage your samples and data all the way through the scientific process.

PooPrints has the only patented DNA World Pet Registry to securely store your data. We have the only patent pending on the DNA laboratory processes. These proprietary processes can’t be replicated by newcomers.


Don’t be lured in by false promises of initial low prices (or no prices) only to have hidden fees later. We want you to be sure the DNA company you choose is legitimate and credible.

Ask the right questions about all DNA services.