PooPrints Team

Meet the team behind the initiative to end dog waste.
Executive Officers


Tom Boyd

Tom Boyd is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of BioPet. He is the founder and past CEO of Fi-Shock, Inc., founder and past CEO of Mark Electronics, founder and past CEO of I-°©Shop, Inc, and founder and past CEO of The Boyd Group. He is the Current Chairman of the Board of EDP Biotech Corporation.

J Retinger

J Retinger joined the BioPet Team in May of 2017. J spent the previous 14 years of his career in healthcare, innovating and building high producing teams.

Meg Retinger

Meg Retinger is Chief Operating Officer of BioPet. She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from Emory and Henry College in 1976, and an ABS in Computer Science from Draughon’s Junior College in 1980. She served for ten years as Chief Administrative Officer of EDP Biotech Corporation, the original parent company of BioPet Laboratories, before assuming the same position at BioPet. Meg currently serves BioPet Laboratories in the role of Chief Operating Officer.

She was employed by Fi-°©Shock Inc. for 25 years where she served in many capacities, including Corporate Secretary and Treasurer, Vice President of Administration, Chief Administrative Officer, and President.

  • J Retinger — President
  • Meg Retinger — Chief Operating Officer
  • Win Chandler — Director of Customer Service
  • Jerri Woodard — Customer Service
Business Development
  •  Ernie Jones — Director of Sales and Marketing
  •  Ivy McJunkins — Sales and Marketing Representative
  •  McKenzie Manning — Sales and Marketing Representative 
  • Chesleigh Fields — Senior Scientist
  • Amory Cannon — DNA Analyst
  • Holly Brabazon — DNA Analyst
  • Rachel Stebbins — DNA Analyst