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Our Story

What is PooPrints?

PooPrints is the first and largest commercial DNA Waste Management Program.

What does that mean?

We create a genetic database of dogs with DNA collected from cheek swabs. We then collect DNA from any unscooped pet waste and compare it to the database to identify who hasn’t picked up after their pet.

We are animal advocates. As an organization, we function off of three pillars:

  1. Promote responsible ownership
  2. Protect the environment
  3. Expand pet access

We understand the wonderful value that pets bring to ones life and a community, so our program allows more dogs to live more places.

PooPrints Advantages

Our patented DNA World Pet Registry is easy to use and provides you and your residents the utmost security.

The DNA World Pet Registry has been designed to allow you the ability to transfer residents among your portfolio of properties.

The PooPrints Program offers your residents additional pet amenities that are completely complimentary when your property enrolls in the program—they include the BioPet LifePlan, and more.

Our company-owned and operated laboratory adheres to FBI protocol, guaranteeing you accurate results and rapid processing.

We have perfected waste collection, meaning your samples don’t need to be kept at a certain temperature or returned to our lab in a certain amount.

Our collections process uses safe and nontoxic materials protecting staff, residents, and pets.

Why do we do what we do?

  • We are animal advocates. As an organization, we function off of three pillars: Promote responsible ownership, protect the environment, and expand pet access. We understand the wonderful value that pets bring to ones life and a community, so our program allows more dogs to live more places. 
  • We understand that a vast majority of pet owners are responsible. Our program establishes a proactive accountability method allowing us to focus on education. 
  • In the last 10 years, pet ownership around the world has rapidly increased. This presents growing concerns and challenges with how communities will deal with pet waste. 
  • Pet waste contains millions of bacteria that can be harmful to humans and other pets.
  • Runoff from unscooped pet waste can make its way into water systems, contaminating drinking water and other water sources
  • The EPA considers pet waste as one of the top 5 pollutants.

PooPrints by the numbers:

  • The program was established in 2008 and expanded commercially in 2011. 
  • Today, the program is being used by over 7,000 communities. 
  • The program is used in 7 countries, but most prevalently in the US, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. 
  • PooPrints has registered more than 800,000 dogs.
  • PooPrints DNA profiles are unique profiles specific to that dog alone based on 16 selected genetic markers. 
  • The scientists at PooPrints are able to extract valid DNA from 90% of waste samples submitted. 
  • PooPrints has a 4,000-square-foot lab that we own and operate in Knoxville TN. It employs 10 DNA analysts, all of which have at least attained a 4-year Bachelor’s of Science degree.


Our 256-bit encrypted software is custom programmed to protect your information and sample data all the way through the scientific process. Never is your information released to any third party laboratory or database resource.

Convenient testing and ordering

We manage the entire process from start to finish. Whether you are in one of our distributor territories or working directly with BioPet Laboratories (PooPrints’ Parent Company) – Everything is seamlessly processed for your convenience.

A Cleaner, Greener Team ... Our Dedication

Our team at BioPet Laboratories and our representatives across the world, are 100% invested in making our community parks, greenways, and multi-family living facilities free of dog waste left by irresponsible pet owners.

What are we about? PooPrints is the largest and original DNA pet waste management solution for apartments, parks, and more. The PooPrints goal is to promote responsible pet ownership, protect the environment, and expand pet access to public and private properties.

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