The Only DNA Solution for Pet Waste Management

Join more than 4,000 properties using PooPrints® to ensure a clean community, improve the bottom line and increase resident satisfaction.

When you implement PooPrints, you get more than just an accountability program. You receive a higher service quality and additional perks for your residents. 

PooPrints pioneered the science of DNA Waste Management over 10 years ago, and has been leading the industry ever since. 




PooPrints Advantages:


  • Our patented DNA World Pet Registry is easy to use and provides you and your residents the utmost security.
  • The DNA World Pet Registry has been designed to allow you the ability to transfer residents among your portfolio of properties.
  • The PooPrints Program offers your residents additional pet amenities that are completely complimentary when your property enrolls in the program—they include the BioPet LifePlan and Travel Dog.
  • Our company-owned and operated laboratory adheres to FBI protocol, guaranteeing you accurate results and rapid processing.
  • We have perfected waste collection, meaning your samples don’t need to be kept at a certain temperature or returned to our lab in a certain amount of time.
  • Our collections process uses safe and nontoxic materials protecting staff, residents, and pets.
  • We have a dedicated representative network to customize your experience.


We are the DNA dog waste management company offering a solution to pet pollution in 3,000+ communities across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. It isn’t just a problem in your community—it’s everywhere.


Our goal is to increase responsible pet ownership through education, expand pet access and decrease the environmental impact of dog waste.


We adhere to the standards put forth by the International Organization for Standardization. These protocols and practices ensure the accountability and integrity of our program.



It’s very simple.

Register each dog on the property in our DNA World Pet Registry® with a simple cheek swab.


Collect a small sample of unscooped waste and submit to our lab for analysis.


We report a match when the waste sample DNA and the cheek swab DNA correlate. The results are emailed to property management.

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BioPet Laboratories, the parent company of PooPrints®, is accredited to the ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.