The DNA Solution for Pet Waste Management

PooPrints is an effective pet waste management program, matching un-scooped waste to the canine offender through DNA.

Properties report up to a 95% reduction in waste


It’s very simple.

Each dog on the property is registered in BioPet Laboratories’ patented DNA World Pet Registry with a simple cheek swab.


When un-scooped pet waste is found, a small sample is collected and submitted to our lab for analysis. We compare it to the dogs in the registry.


A match is reported when the canine DNA and waste sample DNA are matched. Results are emailed to property management.


Residents are fined for each offense–resulting in a cleaner, safer property. 

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Why PooPrints?

We have eliminated the dog waste problem in over 2,500 properties across the United States. 

Our in-house, state of the art laboratory is ISO certified. This ensures maximum security and accuracy with your DNA results.

We are the original commercial DNA Pet Waste Management service.

We cover a lot of ground. With representatives operating in all 50 states, Canada and the United Kingdom, we’re sure to be able to help.

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Who We Are

We were established in 2008 as the first company to offer this service to commercial properties on a widespread basis at affordable rates.

Our team of scientists are highly qualified and dedicated to our mission to eliminate environmental concerns posed by pet waste.

Confidientiality is of the utmost importance. Our testing is not contracted out to other laboratories. It is done by our lab and our employees, so we can ensure you are getting the best possible service.

With over 2,500 communities representing hundreds of thousands of units, we have the experience and team to provide scientific  results quickly and at affordable rates.

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Why We Care

Un-scooped dog waste isn’t just a hassle. It’s a contaminant.

Watersheds across the world are facing the toxic pollutants that dog waste can carry. With 78 million dogs in the United States alone– that’s a lot of waste.

We want to contribute to a cleaner environment.

  • Help your bottom line with decreased damage to common areas
  • Increased resident satisfaction from both dog and non-dog owners
  • Attract more renters with well-maintained common areas
  • Help the environment by preventing water contamination
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