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PooPrints is the premium source for DNA pet waste solutions.

We specialize in the multifamily industry – including apartments, HOAs, COAs, and Government Municipalities.

On this page, you can see how the program and DNA process works as well as hear from satisfied property managers at successful PooPrints properties. Watch and learn how PooPrints will will help clean up your property of pet waste.

How it Works

PooPrints DNA pet waste solution takes only 5 easy steps to register and prepare your property. Promote pick up and reduce waste. Properties are seeing waste being reduced by up to 95% quickly and effectively once rolling out our pet waste program.

How to Swab

Collecting the pet’s DNA is step one and is very easy. Our PooPrints DNA swab collection kits are complete with two swabs to gentling rub on the inside of each cheek of the dog. You then you register your dog into our proprietary World Pet Registry and send the DNA collection back to our lab.

How to Collect

The PooPrints waste collection kits a scientifically designed to collect and preserve the pet waste in the most sanitary and safe way. The PooPrints stabilizing solution preserves the pet’s DNA to optimize the best results in comparing and analyzing DNA data. Keep your property, community, and apartment greener while cleaner with PooPrints.

How to Implement


With over 6,000 satisfied and cleaner properties nationwide, PooPrints would like to share some kind words from the friendly folks we work with. Are you a PooPrints client and want to share a testimonial with us? Please email videos

Adam Chavira – Property Manager
Greystone Summit

Sue Pedersen – Property Manager
Legacy Pointe

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