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An International Problem
PooPrints is the 
solution to dog waste.

The PooPrints programme allows councils and organizations to implement a system of accountability while building a database of registered dogs and protecting their citizens. 

Our Mission

Our goal is to increase responsible pet ownership through education, expand pet access and decrease the environmental impact of dog waste. Using DNA technology, we are able to do this on a global scale. 

Global Solution

Our DNA dog waste management program offers a solution to pet pollution in 8,000+ communities across the U.S., Mexico, Canada and the United Kingdom. It isn’t just a problem in your council or township — it’s everywhere. 

How It Works

We adhere to the standards put forth by the International Organization for Standardization. These protocols and practices ensure the accountability and integrity of our program and the science behind it. 

PooPrints Advantages

Credible. Reliable. Backed by Science.

Implement our pet waste management programme.

Owner Accountability

DNA brings a new side to the idea of holding pet owners accountable for their duties. Councils are able to enforce fouling laws and better serve the public in attack cases. Implementing the PooPrints programme will protect the citizens and the environment for your city. 

Registered Canine Database

Many councils and townships have an abundance of dogs but, licensing fees are not being paid. Using a network of veterinarians and pet experts, your government will be able to DNA register all dogs and access that information through our database. Using PooPrints and it’s database, councils are able to generate revenue in licensing fees and build a list of dogs. 

We have a dedicated representative ready to help customize your experience.


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