Treat Yo’ Residents

Treat Yo’  Residents February is the month of L-O-V-E and as hard as it is to believe, we love our pet owning residents! PooPrints is here for the residents and
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Howlidays Gift Guide

Gift Guide The howlidays are here and we are finally counting down single digits until the big day! Here at PooPrints, we love all things pets and we love gifts,
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Scientific Checks and Balances

Let’s Have a Moment of Previous Next Let’s talk SCIENCE! You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers. We’ve seen more and more comments questioning our scientific processes and how we
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PooPrints dog poop DNA waste collection process

Poop Rules…no like actual rules.

Poop rules…no like actual rules. Property managers: Do you know what your results mean? Results are obviously very important — they’re how we get matches — but what about the
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apartment family with happy dog

Importance of Pet Ownership

The   Importance  of Pet Ownership It’s no that pets play a huge role in our day-to-day lives. Besides the value of service animals like seeing-eye-dogs and other support animals
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The Dangers of Dog Poop

You may think "no harm no foul," but even if you dodge the negative social implication of not scooping the poop, you're neglected the larger environmental concern: Dog waste can be toxic
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