Nominations for 2022 are now closed. Check back April 2023 to nominate your community next year.

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We want to 

We’re launching the PooPrints Clean & Green Community Award to spotlight the owners and operators out there that are using our technology to maintain the cleanest, pet-friendliest communities with the most pristine landscapes.

We know that our 7,000 clients are the best. Many operaters that use PooPrints are innovative thought leaders in the industry that helped make the “Dog DNA” movement a norm. So, we know you’re great, but we want to know HOW great!

We want to highlight the best of the best. We’re using a few key metrics

PooPrints activity + results 

Community size (# of units)

Number of dogs

Tenure with PooPrints

Pet-friendliness (overall pet-friendliness measured by info you include – events, other vendors, amenities, and more that you may use to make your community the best and brightest!)

Nominations for 2022 are now closed. Check back April 2023.