Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

Since pioneering DNA dog waste management over 10 years ago, we’ve seen many companies try to mimic PooPrints. 

While we appreciate healthy competition, we want to make sure you’re fully informed about the difference in PooPrints and our competitors. 

Before you make a worthy investment in your community’s pet population, let’s make sure you have all the facts.


  • Ensure all processing within 10 business days
  • Operate our own ISO accredited laboratory 
  • Offer a network of dedicated representatives nationwide
  • Have any contracts or monthly fees
  • Use any hazardous chemicals in collection
  • Require expedited shipping



Nationwide company with slight price variation from market to market. Each market has unique needs, and we reflect that in our costs. 

With over 4,000 communities, PooPrints needs a strong team to ensure the multifamily industry receives the experience and service they deserve. The PooPrints DNA dog waste management program provides every market with a dedicated representative to help each community optimize PooPrints.

The PooPrints DNA registration process is incredibly simple! We use standard sterile medical swabs that only take a minute to dry once residents swab their pet. DNA collection does not need to be over complicated by gloves and tube inserts.

Property management and maintenance is a fast paced, busy, and hard job. PooPrints’ dog waste collection kits and stabilizing solution make sure that our process is safe for anyone! All DNA and waste samples are tested at the PooPrints accredited ISO 17025:2005 laboratory to retain process integrity and methodology. 

The PooPrints patented database allows communities to effectively manage their pet population while also decreasing unscooped waste! We adhere to the Privacy Shield framework to protect you and your residents information. PooPrints also makes sure that managing multiple multifamily communities is easily accessible within the interface. 


Requires a set-up fee if minimum dog count is not met. Claim a “pay-as-you-go” tactic but charge a fee if products are not used quickly. 

A smaller operation may be enough for small batches but, this lack of work force can drastically affect the success of a program. Slower processing and even a delayed ordering can ultimately hurt results and decrease program effectiveness. 

With our competitor’s swabs, be sure not to lose that “instant” drying insert! This will result in a fine and a bad swab. You should also make sure you don’t come in contact with a swab as they have not perfected extracting just DOG DNA. 

Any process you implement on your community should be easy and safe for your staff to execute. PooPrints’ competitors poison labeled stabilizing solution and a required poop shaker falls under those lines! What do you think?

Our competitor has designed a database allowing communities to simply see their registered pets. Their system is run on a very basic level and does not provide the community with necessary account management tool. 



Everyone knows that the only way doggie DNA can be successful is through the results! However, results are dependent on a processes’ efficiency. PooPrints is, by far, the fastest, safest and most efficient program out there.


When our competitor tells you they are cheaper, they are not wrong. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. A few extra dollars and we guarantee you accredited results and timely processing.   


DNA dog waste management can seem daunting to implement. PooPrints brings every community a dedicated representative to ensure your success with our program.