Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

So here’s the deal, we have had multiple companies in the last 10 years attempt to develop the same service that the PooPrints program brings. But, we continue to be the industry leader. Let us tell you why.


Through a broad scope, our processes seem pretty similar. But, when you look at the nitty gritty, there are large differences that ultimately determine your results.


We confess, our program is a few more bucks but it is also built as a cost neutral one. This cost neutrality  is determined by the quality of the science. Ultimately, you get what you pay for.


Feel free to check out who is our “competition”. DNA dog waste management is pretty crazy and we totally understand if you want to gather all the facts. 

DNA dog waste management systems follow similar basic steps. 

  1. Swab dogs 
  2. Collect poop
  3. Get Matches

But, there are some major flaws in our competitors methods of completing these steps.

Our DNA collection takes roughly 5 minutes and only requires the swabs to be aired dried for few minutes. There is no fancy tube or weird insert that must stay in there or else. You put the swab back in the same sleeve and envelope and send it back to us in it’s prepaid envelope. Now with waste collection, you should not need a shaker! If a company has taken the time to scientifically back their stabilizing solution, it should not have “poison” labels or need to be shaken by a machine. Our solution is quick and preserves samples for over a year!  

The PooPrints program does have regional pricing and in some markets, our competitors may be less. Unfortunately, these lower costs will come with poorer results. We have had over 20 communities switch to our program from an alternative due to lackluster results. Our competitors fail to produce timely and functional results. This affects the properties ability to fine residents and ultimately recoup on their costs. 

Yep, we have a distributorship model. We bring dedicated representatives to every state, giving every community a “doggie dna director” who is sensitive to your market. These representatives are on standby to help you and your team successfully run our program. Whether it’s a question about collection, a weird resident request, or you just need to place an order you can rest assured that you have the PooPrints staff ready to help you.  


  • Ensure all processing within 10 business days
  • Operate our own ISO accredited laboratory 
  • Offer a network of dedicated representatives nationwide
  • Have any contracts or monthly fees
  • Use any hazardous chemicals in collection
  • Require expedited shipping