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Imitation truly is the sincerest form of flattery.

Our company was an established player in the global animal genetics market before we pioneered DNA dog waste management over 10 years ago. Since then, we’ve seen many companies try to mimic the success of PooPrints. 

While we appreciate healthy competition, we want to make sure you’re fully informed before you make a worthy investment in your community’s pet population. Let’s make sure you have all the facts when it comes to the difference in PooPrints and our imitators. 


  • Ensure all processing within 10 business days
  • Operate our own ISO accredited laboratory 
  • Offer a network of dedicated representatives nationwide


  • Have any contracts or monthly fees
  • Use any hazardous chemicals in collection
  • Require expedited shipping


Nationwide company with slight price variation from market to market. Each market has unique needs, and we reflect that in our costs. 

The PooPrints team is made up of a network of strong and dedicated representatives. We are able to bring each of our 7,000 communities quick service and an effective program.

PooPrints’ DNA registration process is incredibly simple! Using standard sterile medical swabs that dry quickly once residents swab their pet, DNA collection is quick and easy.

PooPrints waste collection ensures a safe method and fast processing. All samples are tested at the PooPrints accredited ISO 17025:2017 laboratory to retain process integrity and methodology.

PooPrints patented database helps communities to effectively manage their pet population while also decreasing unscooped waste! We adhere to the Privacy Shield framework to protecting resident and property information. 

Our large PooPrints network allows us to maintain a healthy presence in all major multifamily associations. PooPrints is a consistent attendee at NAA’s Apartmentalize show, a member of NAA’s National Suppliers Council and holds membership with over 50 local associations. 


Requires a set-up fee if minimum dog count is not met. Claim a “pay-as-you-go” tactic but charge a fee if products are not used quickly. 

Lack of experienced work force can drastically affect the success of a program. Slower processing and even a delayed ordering can decrease program effectiveness. 

Require a special insert, if it is not in with the sample, will result in failed collection and a fee.

Waste collection is clunky and over complicated. Stabilizing solution is harmful and all samples required to be shaken by the onsite machine.

Database is designed to allow communities to only see registered dogs. Runs on a basic level and is not easy to manage.

Engagement in multifamily associations has not been top priority for our adversaries. We hope to see them at an event some day soon!



Everyone knows that the only way doggie DNA can be successful is through the results! However, results are dependent on a processes’ efficiency. PooPrints is, by far, the fastest, safest and most efficient program out there.


When our competitor tells you they are cheaper, they are not wrong. Unfortunately, you get what you pay for. A few extra dollars and we guarantee you accredited results and timely processing.   


DNA dog waste management can seem daunting to implement. PooPrints brings every community a dedicated representative to ensure your success with our program. 

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