Coronavirus Update

We’re still here and operational. 

PooPrints understands that many precautionary measures are being put in place each day that are heavily impacting our partners in the multifamily industry. 

While day-to-day duties of managing your community may change and dog poop may not be top priority, we want to assure you that we are still operating.

With residents being home more often, PooPrints has experienced an uptick in waste sample submissions. We have also received questions regarding resulting times.

Our home county current has a “safer at home” order which will have an impact on result times. Processing is still running although it will be slower than normal. Our current timeline will be within 10-14 business days! 

Please note that our intake is dependent on USPS functionality. 

COVID Concerns

How do we continue to register dogs while practicing social distancing?

We have come up with multiple options for properties to continue DNA registration amid the human-contact concerns. 

Are you still accepting samples?

Yes, we are still open and operating. As long as USPS is running, we are accepting all samples.

Are waste samples still viable if we have collected but have not sent them in?

Yes, samples are good for up to a year when collected using our Waste Collection Kits. 

What happens if PooPrints does shutdown while my samples are processing?

Samples are preserved throughout our entire extraction process. Any samples that are mid-analysis will remain good samples and will continue resulting when we reopen. 

How long are the DNA swab kits good for?

Our DNA collection kits are equipped with sterile single-use polyester tipped medical swabs. As long as the packaging is not open and they are still sealed, they are good for DNA collection. 

If something changes with your operation status, will you alert us?

If we make the decision to temporarily cease processing, we will alert all partnering communities. We will also update our website and social pages accordingly. 

Have more questions?

Registration Best Practices