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PooPrints is launching a nationwide grant program for pet parks.

With the pet population on the rise, communities are continually supplying more pet friendly amenities for their residents. Dog parks, patio seating, access to trails and downtown dog events are some of the few ways cities and towns are serving their pet-owning citizens. But with more pets comes more problems, specifically with dog waste. It has been found that out of 10 pet owners, four will not pick up after their pet. Now think about that for your community. That means 40% of your dog population’s poop is left to become a sanitary issue for the younger generation, left to become runoff and affect the waterways, or left to potentially infect other dogs. 

Our program is the solution to dog waste pollution. Using an easy and simple DNA cheek swab, you will be able to register dogs in your community and then identify them by unscooped waste. This provides parks and recreation departments with an enforceable method to keep your parks clean and green! 

We have successfully implemented PooPrints in multiple parks already: The Nashua Dog Park in Nashua, NH and the Central Dog Park in Carmel, IN  are prime examples of a PooPrints success stories in a park setting. These parks have both implemented the PooPrints program, allowing them to manage their park pet population while also generating revenue.

Step 1

Submit your application

The PooPrints team will select the winning parks!

Step 2

Coordinate with team

Help PooPrints become familiar with your community needs.  

Step 3

Begin to register dogs

Our reps will help you plan and host a dog registration event. 

Step 4

After registration is completed, you can begin sampling waste and getting matches to registered dogs. These matches are what will generate revenue!


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