We partner with PetScreening to completely optimize the way you manage your pet population.

PetScreening streamlines pet and assistance animal screening on the front end. We offer DNA accountability on the back end to be sure that your residents are picking up responsibly after their dogs.

Inquire here and we’ll connect with you about how PooPrints will eliminate dog waste on your community.


We are the pioneers of DNA dog waste management. We commercialized the science of dog DNA more than a decade ago and have been the industry’s go-to poop people ever since. Our program is designed to create an enforceable method of accountability for your dog-owning residents.

Protects Curb Appeal: PooPrints is proven to eliminate dog waste by 95%. Keeping your curb appeal pristine is an important step to managing your online reputation and increasing resident retention. Dog waste is a major complaint for onsite teams, residents, and prospects alike. Eliminating the problem with DNA is a no-brainer!

Increases Pet Revenue: Our 7,000 community partners report an increase in pet revenue by collecting one-time DNA fees and applying any potential violation fines when a resident doesn’t pick up. We also use our proprietary DNA World Pet Registry to help you locate unauthorized dogs on the property. Once these dogs are located and registered you can begin to collect pet rent and charge for any previous waste sample violations.

Incentivizes Pet Owner Accountability: We’re here to find the poopetrator using cutting-edge science. Without PooPrints, our stats show that 40% of dog owners do not pick up after their pet. We serve as an extra layer of accountability on your community, incentivizing your residents to make the right choice – scoop the poop. When residents register with our service, they get access to a suite of PooPrints Pet Parent Perks. We offer discounts and special offers to retailers like Rover, Chewy, PetSafe, and BioPet LifePlan.