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In an age that is continually seeking the next best, fastest, smartest and most efficient thing, PooPrints is defining what it means to be in the multifamily-specific tech space. 

The overall trend in multi-family tech is ‘digital transformation,’ meaning the evolution of manual overhead into more efficient operations, elimination of paper, and adoption of frictionless processes,” said Darren Wesemann, EVP, and CIO of Berkadia.  

So, let’s walk through how PooPrints actually embodies these trends.

Evolving Manual Operations

PooPrints now brings the lab straight to the community management team’s fingers through our patented database. The database allows managers to manage their pet population, check results, and execute key operational reports. Our registration process has been completely overhauled to create a more interactive experience for residents while taking excess work off management teams!

Elimination of Paper

We are as green as they get over here! One pillar of our mission statement is to essentially stay eco-friendly and our program works the same way. The new PooPrints registration process and waste collection method eliminate the need for written data, therefore, decreasing our paper trail!

Frictionless Processes

Let’s be honest, science was hard and onsite teams shouldn’t be expected to know all there is about DNA. The PooPrints team is here to ensure that this ageless biotech program is seamlessly implemented and managed on your community. Please reach out to us with any questions, concerns, feedback, or pushback! Your local representative is the best resource for quick and personalized answers. 

While our program as a whole remains the industry standard for DNA Dog Waste Management, PooPrints is still eager to continuously innovate and adapt to better serve our communities. Stay up to date with ongoing changes by joining our communities!


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