Treat Yo’ Residents

Treat Yo' 

February is the month of L-O-V-E and as hard as it is to believe, we love our pet owning residents! PooPrints is here for the residents and want to make sure that you know it. Six out of every 10 pet-owning residents ARE responsible and do pick up after their pet and we applaud them! Our goal is to reward those who do their duty as a dog parent and to reshape the behavior of those who fail to do their job as one. That mentality of rewarding responsibility has motivated us to seek and procure partnerships that benefit our residents. So, let’s talk about them a bit. 

Our first partnership is with Orivet Pet Genetics and provides all residents with a free BioPet Life Plan. The Life Plan is a comprehensive life tool for owners to proactively manage their pet’s health directly through their PooPrints Account. Using an interactive and thorough questionnaire, the application is able to help owners forecast possible health issues and provide remedies. Pet owners can also store vaccine/medical records for their dogs and have a calendar to organize upcoming appointments. If owners want to find out even more about their dog they can purchase a breed test or health screening test. Results of these are viewable through their Life Plan and allow data to be even more specific for their dog. It is a great application for owners to be proactive and aware of their pets’ health!

Last year we entered into a partnership with the five-star dog walking service, Rover! Our relationship with Rover is super exciting in that they provide PooPrints residents with a $50 credit for their services. This encompasses dog walking, dog sitting, overnight sitting, drop in visits, and boarding. We understand how busy residents’ lives can get and Rover allows you to care for your pet but still handle all of your to-do’s. With spring time coming fast, this will allow your pet to get outside and be active even when your schedule is super busy. 

And lastly, our most recent partnership is with Chewy! Chewy has quickly established themselves as the premier online pet store, providing pet owners with every product their animal needs for a healthy and happy life. Through the PooPrints program, residents receive a $15 coupon when they spend $50 as a new customer and free shipping with them as well! Chewy offers honestly everything you need for your pet, from food to toys, coats to bowls and leashes, even medicine. It is the one stop show for every pet owner!

What’s truly great about all of these offers, is that residents can access all of them within their account in the DNA World Pet Registry! If residents need any assistance accessing their account or navigating, direct them to our Resident Communication team and they can help! Beyond these fun perks, the PooPrints program does help residents in other ways. It helps pet owners protect their dogs from other dogs’ unscooped waste which can carry harmful bacteria. It also really helps your community dynamic and can relieve any tension built up between residents about dog poop. The blame games and finger pointing are a thing of the past, they can now enjoy their walk with their dog without having to stress about catching a fellow resident for not picking up.  

Importance of Pet Ownership

apartment family with happy dog
of Pet Ownership

It’s no that pets play a huge role in our day-to-day lives. Besides the value of service animals like seeing-eye-dogs and other support animals that are trained to perform a tasks, pets also offer companionship and comfort. There are many studies on the effect of pet ownership, some even linking it to improved overall heart health.

Many people have felt, and continue to desire, the emotional and health benefits that these pets bring to their lives. While majority of pet owning residents find these benefits through small dogs and cats, some own fish, birds, and hedgehogs. This variety in pets is what contributes to the large economic presence this demographic has. In 2018 pet owners spent over $72 Billion on food, supplies, veterinary care, and purchasing of animals. In 2019 this number is estimated to be closer to $75 Billion!

In a 2014 survey, 72% of renters said they were pet owners. This draws the conclusion that almost three quarters of your renters draw some sort of relationship and comfort from animals within home which is now your community. With so many pet owning residents in the industry, catering to that demographic is more important than ever before. The PooPrints program is a beneficial way to do just that.

Our program not only ensures that your property value is upheld and that your pet owners are responsible but, it also serves those residents as well. We offer multiple perks like a $50 credit, access to the BioPet LifePlan which is a comprehensive life tool for pet health data, and a coupon with! A clean and safe environment is what all fur parents want for their animals and our program gives them that peace of mind. Show your pet owning resident and all renters that you care about the wellness of their animal with the PooPrints program as an amenity!